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What Is Manager Self-service Applications ?


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Manager Self-Service: A Self-Service Application is an application that uses the Floor Plan Manager. However, a Self-Service Application must be easy to use, since the users must be able to start working with the application immediately.

Self-Service does not imply one’s own data – that is, applications that manipulate the personal data of the user. You can also access data for a team member – for example, when recording an absence of a subordinate or company data as a whole, when checking your departmental budget.

Some of the tasks covered by self-service applications are:

Managing personal profiles (employee)

Communicating with a manager (employee)

Tracking and recording personal working time and vacation time (employee + manager)

Viewing company expectations and comparing them to individual data (employee + manager)

Managing individuals belonging to the team (manager)

Entering specific data for other employees (manager)

Aggregating key values (manager)