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How Production Allocation And Planning Will Be Done?

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Production allocation functions in SAP UOM take data from various sources and make it visible to production accountants via a simple-to-use work center interface. This interface makes it relatively easy for the production accountants to determine hydrocarbon and water volumes, masses, and energy content. The system is loaded into a user-defined network object via MII and rules applied to allocate oil, gas, water, and condensate. The production accountants can then complete custody transfer to transfer points or a target delivery system. Users can easily determine what was produced; what can be produced; and perform further analysis for longer range planning; plan vs. actual, and apply chemical analysis data to perform allocations at either the component or full product stream level.
Key production allocation-related capabilities include:
Top-down and bottom-up allocation of hydrocarbons inclusive of oil, gas, water etc. Determining commingled well completion and intra-month structure.
Handling through gathering systems/pipelines, as well as through the outlet of gas processing facilities.
Chemical analysis as a method to capture gas components.
Network modeling to replicate field configurations.
Mass, energy, and volume dimension allocation.
Determining capacity and planned vs. actual allocation.
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